Welcome to Southwick Park Bowling Club

Have you ever said: “I’ve always fancied playing bowls!”

So why don’t you come and try it out at Southwick Park Bowling Club?

You are also very welcome at our Monday evening sessions from 5:30pm

If there is one thing most of our bowlers have in common it is the regret that we didn’t start bowling earlier in life.

Southwick Park is the “friendly mixed” bowling club who are also very successful

We would be delighted if you’d come and join us

The Southwick Park Bowling Club is located on the South green at the West end of Southwick recreation ground (the opposite end to the Sports Centre and football club), in a busy well used park and has been playing here for over 40 years. We are always looking for new members, both experienced bowlers and beginners. We are a friendly mixed club and our captaincy team would love to see you.

If you are a beginner, don’t worry, we can coach you and supply equipment.

Southwick Recreation Ground, Croft Avenue, Southwick, Sussex, BN42 4TE

If you would like to give bowls a try, join the club, or require any further information, give us a call:


Jenny Croft Tel 07831 923019
Jnr Vice-Captain:

Rita Farrell Tel 07933 217138