Affiliated to:
E.B.A. S.C.B.A R.H.D.L.

Southwick Park Bowling Club

Affiliated to: E.B.A. S.C.B.A R.H.D.L.

Croft Avenue, Southwick, Sussex BN42 4TE
Telephone: 07935 841470

Club Info

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Rule Book


Click here for Southwick Bowling Rules

Tea Duties

Tea duties are on the noticeboard in the clubhouse. Please refer to the noticeboard for the most up to date version of this rota. If you are unable to do your tea duty please swap with someone and update the paper version in the clubhouse. Please note if a game is cancelled the tea duty people need to cover Green Steward duties as we do not allocate a green Steward when we have a match planned.