Club Officers


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Jenny Croft Tel: 07831 923019
Jnr Vice-Captain:

Rita Farrell Tel: 07933 217138
Day Captains:

Michael Evans: 07949 234235

Jackie Ward: 07940 128050

Denis Miles: 07851 424301

League Managers
Brighton, Hove and District League A Team: Clive Marchant
Brighton, Hove and District League B Team: Peter Burgess
Brighton and Hove Ladies League Manager: Lynn Mardell
Other officer roles:
President: Gordon Reeves
Chairman: Chris Farrell
Vice-Chairman: Ian Jenner
Secretary: Carol Gander
Fixture Secretary: Carol Gander
Treasurer: Sue Lane
Sussex County Reps: Daphne Coleman, Denis Miles
Management Committee: Jenny Croft, Rita Farrell, Chris Farrell,
Carol Gander, Sue Lane, *Ian Jenner, *Denis Miles, *Phil Bristow
Friendly selectors: Jenny Croft, Rita Farrell
Men’s selectors: Clive Marchant, Peter Burgess, Barry Ward
Ladies Selectors: Jenny Croft, Rita Farrell, Carol Gander
*Member representatives