Southwick Park win the Bill Hawkins Trophy

OMG another Trophy for Southwick Park…..
The Bill Hawkins final was played today between ourselves and Shoreham. Victory was secured for Southwick Park with both rinks winning.
Dave, Barry, John and Colin won 17-15
Clive, Adam, Phil and Jack won 22-14
Lots of supporters cheered on both teams and it was a very entertaining spectacle played in a great spirit by all involved.
Many congratulations to us once more for another spectacular win

Southwick Park won the Brighton Ladies League

You’ll never guess what – Southwick Park won the Brighton ladies league!
We were bound to win it really as both the teams in the final were from Southwick Park!!
Fun game to watch with some brilliant bowling on display and played in the spirit you would expect.
I am so proud of all our lady players in the club, we have great strength in depth as the football pundits would say. This is the 3rd year in 4 that we have taken this title 😎👍